Afrikanische Länder

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Middle East and North Africa countries

Land Flagge Ticker Wirtschaft Währung
Bahrain BHR Economy of Bahrain Bahraini Dinar
Djibouti DJI Economy of Djibouti Франк Djibouti
Iran IRN Economy of Iran Iranian Rial
Iraq IRQ Economy of Iraq Iraqi Dinar
Israel ISR Economy of Israel Israeli New Sheqel
Jordan JOR Economy of Jordan Jordanian Dinar
Kuwait KWT Economy of Kuwait Kuwaiti Dinar
Lebanon LBN Economy of Lebanon Lebanese Pound
Oman OMN Economy of Oman Omani Rial
Qatar QAT Economy of Qatar Qatari Riyal
Saudi Arabia SAU Economy of Saudi Arabia Saudi Riyal
Syria SYR Economy of Syria Syrian Pound
UAE ARE Economy of UAE UAE Dirham
Yemen YEM Economy of Yemen Yemen Rial
Algeria DZA Economy of Algeria Algeriaский динар
Egypt EGY Economy of Egypt Eqyptian Pound
Libya LBY Economy of Libya Libyan Dinar
Morocco MAR Economy of Morocco Moroccan Dirham
Tunisia TUN Economy of Tunisia Tunisiaский динар
Malta MLT Economy of Malta Euro

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Central African countries

Land Flagge Ticker Wirtschaft Währung
Angola AGO Economy of Angola Angolan Kwanza
Central African Republic CAF Economy of Central African Republic CFA Central Franc
Cameroon CMR Economy of Cameroon CFA Central Franc
Democratic Republic of the Congo COD Economy of Democratic Republic of the Congo Congolese Franc
Republic of the Congo COG Economy of Republic of the Congo CFA Central Franc
Gabon GAB Economy of Gabon CFA Central Franc
Equatorial Guinea GNQ Economy of Equatorial Guinea CFA Central Franc
Sao Tome and Principe STP Economy of Sao Tome and Principe Добра Sao Tome и Принсипи
Chad TCD Economy of Chad CFA Central Franc

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Sub-Saharan Africa countries

Land Flagge Ticker Wirtschaft Währung
Burundi BDI Economy of Burundi Burundian Franc
Benin BEN Economy of Benin CFA Central Franc
Burkina Faso BFA Economy of Burkina Faso CFA Central Franc
Botswana BWA Economy of Botswana Botswana Pula
Comoros COM Economy of Comoros Comoran Franc
Cape Verde CPV Economy of Cape Verde Cape Verdean Escudo
Eritrea ERI Economy of Eritrea The Eritrean Nakfa
Ethiopia ETH Economy of Ethiopia Ethiopian Birr
Ghana GHA Economy of Ghana Ghana Cedi
Guinea GIN Economy of Guinea Guinean Franc
Gambia GMB Economy of Gambia Gambian Dalasi
Guinea-Bissau GNB Economy of Guinea-Bissau CFA West Franc
Ivory Coast CIV Economy of Ivory Coast CFA West Franc
Kenya KEN Economy of Kenya Kenyan Shilling
Liberia LBR Economy of Liberia Liberian Dollar
Lesotho LSO Economy of Lesotho Lesothian Loti
Madagascar MDG Economy of Madagascar Matagasy Ariary
Mali MLI Economy of Mali CFA West Franc
Mozambique MOZ Economy of Mozambique Mozambique Metical
Mauritania MRT Economy of Mauritania Mauritanian Ougiya
Mauritius MUS Economy of Mauritius Mauritian Rupee
Malawi MWI Economy of Malawi Malawi Kwacha
Namibia NAM Economy of Namibia Namibia Dollar
Niger NER Economy of Niger CFA West Franc
Nigeria NGA Economy of Nigeria Nigerian Naira
Rwanda RWA Economy of Rwanda Rwandan Franc
Sudan SDN Economy of Sudan Sudanese Pound
Senegal SEN Economy of Senegal CFA West Franc
Sierra Leone SLE Economy of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Leone
Somalia SOM Economy of Somalia Somali Shilling
South Sudan SSD Economy of South Sudan South Sudanese pound
Swaziland SWZ Economy of Swaziland Swaziland Lilangeni
Seychelles SYC Economy of Seychelles Seychelles Rupee
Togo TGO Economy of Togo CFA West Franc
Tanzania TZA Economy of Tanzania Tanzanian Shilling
Uganda UGA Economy of Uganda Uganda New Shilling
South Africa ZAF Economy of South Africa South African Rand
Zambia ZMB Economy of Zambia Zambian Kwacha
Zimbabwe ZWE Economy of Zimbabwe US Dollar

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