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American Express Company


American Express Company, together with its consolidated subsidiaries, is a global services company that provides customers with access to products, insights and experiences that enrich lives and build business success. Our principal products and services are charge and credit card products and travel-related services offered to consumers and businesses around the world.

We were founded in 1850 as a joint stock association and were incorporated in 1965 as a New York corporation. American Express Company and its principal operating subsidiary, American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. (TRS), are bank holding companies under the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956, as amended (the BHC Act), subject to supervision and examination by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (the Federal Reserve).

Our headquarters are located in lower Manhattan, New York, New York. We also have offices in other locations throughout the world.

During 2017, we principally engaged in businesses comprising four reportable operating segments: U.S. Consumer Services, International Consumer and Network Services, Global Commercial Services and Global Merchant Services. Corporate functions and certain other businesses are included in Corporate & Other.

Products and Services

  • Charge card, credit card and other payment and financing products
  • Merchant acquisition and processing, servicing and settlement, and point-of-sale marketing and information products and services for merchants
  • Network services
  • Other fee services, including fraud prevention services and the design and operation of customer loyalty programs
  • Expense management products and services
  • Travel-related services
  • Stored value/prepaid products

Our various products and services are sold globally to diverse customer groups, including consumers, small businesses, mid-sized companies and large corporations. These products and services are sold through various channels, including online applications, direct mail, in-house teams, third-party vendors and direct response advertising. Business travel-related services are offered through our non-consolidated joint venture, American Express Global Business Travel (the GBT JV).

Our general-purpose card network, card-issuing and merchant-acquiring and processing businesses are global in scope. We are a world leader in providing charge and credit cards to consumers, small businesses, mid-sized companies and large corporations. These cards include cards issued by American Express as well as cards issued by third-party banks and other institutions that are accepted by merchants on the American Express network. American Express® cards permit Card Members to charge purchases of goods and services in most countries around the world at the millions of merchants that accept cards bearing our logo.

Our business as a whole has not experienced significant seasonal fluctuations, although card billed business tends to be moderately higher in the fourth quarter than in other quarters. As a result, the amount of Card Member loans and receivables outstanding tend to be moderately higher during that quarter. The average discount rate also tends to be slightly lower during the fourth quarter due to a higher level of retail-related billed business volumes.

The American Express Brand

Our brand and its attributes—trust, security and service—are key assets. We invest heavily in managing, marketing, promoting and protecting our brand, including through the delivery of our products and services in a manner consistent with our brand promise. Our brand has consistently been rated one of the most valuable brands in the world. We also place significant importance on trademarks, service marks and patents, and seek to secure our intellectual property rights around the world.

Our Integrated Network and Spend-Centric Model

Wherever we manage both the card-issuing activities of the business and the acquiring relationship with merchants, there is a “closed loop” in that we have direct access to information at both ends of the card transaction, which distinguishes our integrated network from the bankcard networks. We maintain direct relationships with both our Card Members (as a card issuer) and merchants (as an acquirer), and we handle all key aspects of those relationships. Through contractual relationships, we also obtain data from third-party card issuers, merchant acquirers and processors with whom we do business. Our integrated network allows us to analyze information on Card Member spending and build algorithms and other analytical tools that we use to underwrite risk, reduce fraud and provide targeted marketing and other information services for merchants and special offers and services to Card Members through a variety of channels, all while respecting Card Member preferences and protecting Card Member and merchant data in compliance with applicable policies and legal requirements.

Our “spend-centric” business model focuses on generating revenues primarily by driving spending on our cards and secondarily by finance charges and fees. Spending on our cards, which is higher on average on a per-card basis versus our competitors, offers superior value to merchants in the form of loyal customers and larger transactions. Because of the revenues generated from having high-spending Card Members, we are able to invest in attractive rewards and other benefits for Card Members, as well as targeted marketing and other programs and investments for merchants. This creates incentives for Card Members to spend more on their cards and positively differentiates American Express cards.

We believe our integrated network and spend-centric model give us the ability to provide differentiated value to Card Members, merchants and our card-issuing partners.

Global Consumer Services

We offer a wide range of charge cards and revolving credit cards to consumers in the United States and internationally through our U.S. Consumer Services (USCS) and International Consumer & Network Services (ICNS) segments. In addition to our proprietary cards, we partner with banks and other organizations to issue American Express-branded products. Moreover, we offer several services that complement our core business, including consumer travel services and deposit and non-card financing products such as installment lending.

Our global proprietary card business offers a broad set of card products, rewards and services to acquire and retain high-spending, engaged and creditworthy Card Members. Core elements of our strategy are:

  • Designing innovative products and features that appeal to our target customer base and meet their spending and borrowing needs.
  • Using incentives to drive spending on our various card products and engender loyal Card Members, including our Membership Rewards® program, cash-back reward features and participation in loyalty programs sponsored by our cobrand and other partners.
  • Providing exceptional customer care, digital and mobile services and an array of benefits and experiences across card products to address travel and other needs and increase Card Member engagement.
  • Developing a wide range of partner relationships, including with other corporations and institutions that sponsor certain of our cards under cobrand arrangements

Our charge cards are designed primarily as a method of payment with Card Members generally paying the full amount billed each month. Charges are approved based on a variety of factors, including a Card Member’s current spending patterns, payment history, credit record and financial resources. Some charge card accounts have features that allow Card Members to revolve certain charges. Revolving credit card products provide Card Members with the flexibility to pay their bill in full each month or carry a monthly balance on their cards to finance the purchase of goods or services. Some revolving credit cards in the United States have the Plan ItSM feature, which eligible Card Members can use to set up a monthly payment for certain purchases over a fixed period of time.

Our Global Network Services (GNS) business, which is included in our ICNS segment, establishes and maintains relationships with banks and other institutions around the world that issue cards and, in certain countries, acquire local merchants onto the American Express network. In assessing whether we should pursue a proprietary or GNS strategy in a given country, or some combination thereof, we consider a wide range of country-specific factors, including the regulatory environment, the stability and attractiveness of financial returns, the size of the potential Card Member base, the strength of available marketing and credit data, the size of cobrand opportunities and how we can best create strong merchant value. Our GNS arrangements are categorized as follows:

  • Independent Operator Arrangements, in which partners can be licensed to issue local currency cards in their countries and serve as the merchant acquirer and processor for local merchants
  • Network Card License Arrangements, in which partners can be licensed to issue American Express-branded cards primarily in countries where we have a proprietary card-issuing and/or merchant acquiring business
  • Joint Venture Arrangements, in which we join with a third party to establish a separate business to sign new merchants and issue American Express-branded cards

The GNS business has established card-issuing and/or merchant-acquiring arrangements with banks and other institutions in approximately 130 countries and territories.

Global Commercial Services

In our Global Commercial Services (GCS) segment, we offer a wide range of card and payment programs, expense management tools, consulting services, business financing and cross-border payments solutions to small businesses, mid-size companies and large corporations around the world.

We have a suite of business-to-business payment solutions to help companies manage their spending and realize other potential benefits, including cost savings, process control and efficiency, and improved cash flow management. We offer local currency corporate cards and other expense management products in approximately 95 countries and territories, and have global U.S. dollar and euro corporate cards available in approximately 110 countries and territories. We also provide products and services, including charge cards, revolving credit cards and non-card payment and financing solutions, to small and mid-sized businesses in the United States and internationally.

We also engage in advocacy efforts on behalf of small businesses and seek to increase awareness of the importance of small businesses in our communities, including by continuing to lead Small Business Saturday®.

Global Merchant Services

Our Global Merchant Services (GMS) business builds and maintains relationships with merchants, merchant acquirers, aggregators and processors, and processes card transactions and settles with merchants that choose to accept our cards for purchases. We sign merchants to accept our cards and provide fraud-prevention tools, marketing solutions, digital assets and other programs and services to merchants leveraging the capabilities provided by our integrated network.

Through our direct and inbound channels, we contract with merchants, agree on the discount rate (a fee charged to the merchant for accepting our cards) and handle servicing. We also work with third parties to acquire small- and medium-sized merchants. For example, through our OptBlue® merchant-acquiring program, third-party processors contract directly with small merchants for card acceptance and determine merchant pricing. The OptBlue program provides an alternative for eligible small merchants who may prefer to deal with one acquirer for all their card acceptance needs. OptBlue processors provide relevant merchant data back to us so we can maintain our closed loop of transaction data.

We continue to grow merchant acceptance of American Express cards around the world. We estimate that, as of the end of 2017, our merchant network in the United States could accommodate nearly 95 percent of general-purpose card spending. Our international spend coverage is more limited, although we continue to focus on expanding our merchant network in locations outside the United States. We estimate that our international merchant network as a whole could accommodate more than 80 percent of general-purpose card spending. These percentages are based on comparing spending on all networks’ general-purpose credit and charge cards at merchants that accept American Express cards with total general-purpose credit and charge card spending at all merchants, and are not percentages of locations accepting American Express cards.

GMS also builds loyalty coalition programs, such as the Payback® program in Germany, India, Italy, Mexico and Poland. Our loyalty coalition programs enable consumers to earn rewards points and use them to save on purchases from a variety of participating merchants through multi-category rewards platforms. Merchants generally fund the consumer offers and are responsible to us for the cost of loyalty points; we earn revenue from operating the loyalty platform and by providing marketing support.

Corporate and Other

Corporate & Other consists of corporate functions and certain other businesses, including our prepaid services business that offers stored value/prepaid products, such as American Express Serve®, Bluebird®, the American Express® Gift Card and Travelers Cheques. In August 2017, we announced that a third party, InComm, will assume program management and issuer processing responsibilities for our prepaid reloadable and gift card products in the United States, subject to final agreement. We also expect that InComm will acquire the Serve technology platform and other assets related to the American Express prepaid reloadable and gift card products business.

Our support functions, including servicing, credit, insurance and technology, are organized by process rather than business unit, which we believe serves to streamline costs, reduce duplication of work, better integrate skills and expertise and improve customer service.

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